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Brunch at Prince Tea House: A Soothing Delight

High Tea at Prince NYC

he Charm of Brunch Ah, brunch – that bewitching rendezvous of breakfast and lunch where mornings and afternoons intertwine in culinary harmony. Brunch, with its delicious ambiguity, offers the ideal excuse to indulge in both waffles and salads without anyone batting an eyelash. It's the moment when pancakes cozy up with sandwiches, and mimosas clink glasses with coffee.


NYC Brunch and high tea at Prince Tea House in the heart of the village. The passion fruit tea had just the right amount of sweetness,the mini sandwiches and pastries were really good as well. The best part is that all of this came out to less than $80. For the city that's extremely reasonable. If you're looking for a cozy spot to spend with friends or loved ones and drink some tea, this is definitely the place to go for brunch. #PrinceTeaHouse #hightea #nycbrunch #nycvlog #nycplacestotry #nycplacestovisit #nyc

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Brunch at Prince Tea House isn’t merely a meal; it’s a performance.

The tea service is a choreographed dance where teapots pirouette, steam billows, and aromas weave tales of delight. 

Theatricality and precision merge as your tea is presented with flair, making each pour a moment to savor.

Unveiling the Brunch Delicacies

Savory Temptations

Imagine a symphony of flavors dancing on your palate, each note meticulously composed to create a harmonious sensation. At Prince Tea House, the brunch menu orchestrates this magic with savory temptations that range from delicate finger sandwiches to inspired creations. The moment your teeth sink into the layers of a smoked salmon croissant, your taste buds embark on a delightful waltz.

Sweet Extravaganza

As the savory crescendo subsides, a sweet serenade takes its place. Petite pastries glisten like jewels, each a masterpiece of taste and aesthetics. Delicate macarons beckon with their airy promise, while velvety chocolate tarts enchant with their decadence. And let’s not forget the scones – those buttery dreamboats that sail straight into your heart.

Prince Tea House
Petite pastries
Brunch at Prince Tea House
Prince Soho
Prince Tea House
Mouth watering
Brunch at Prince Tea House
High Tea

he Art of Culinary Fusion Brunch at Prince Tea House isn't just a meal; it's an art form. It's the masterful stroke that combines flavors from diverse corners of the culinary world. Imagine indulging in a medley of cultures with a bao bun stuffed with eggs benedict or a matcha-infused pancake. The kitchen at Prince Tea House transforms brunch into an epicurean odyssey.

Making Reservations: A Royal Invite

Booking Your Brunch Escape

Embarking on a brunch adventure at Prince Tea House is as simple as a walk in. So whether you’re planning an intimate tête-à-tête or a leisurely gathering with friends, securing your spot is a breeze.

Timing and Availability

When it comes to timing, Prince Tea House caters to both the early birds and those who like to savor their mornings. Brunch is served at a leisurely pace, allowing you to relish every bite and sip without feeling rushed. Whether you opt for a mid-morning reprieve or a later rendezvous, the experience promises to be a soothing delight.

Pricing: A Royal Feast

Curious about the cost of this regal experience? A table for two, adorned with the finest teas and a tier of brunch appetizers, comes in at a royal total of $65. This includes the enchanting tea selection and a delightful assortment of savory and sweet treats. A small price to pay for a journey that tantalizes the senses and transports you to a world of elegance.

Brunch at Prince Tea House
Brunch at Prince Tea House
Brunch at Prince Tea House

Creating Memories: Instagram-Worthy Moments

Picture-Perfect Settings

In an era where every experience is captured and shared, Prince Tea House doesn’t disappoint. Every corner is a canvas for Instagram-worthy moments. From the opulent decor to the delicate china, each element begs to be photographed. So don’t forget to charge your phone – you’re about to embark on a visual adventure.

The Foodstagram Frenzy

Prepare for your feed to be flooded with envy-inducing photos. The colorful array of finger sandwiches, the intricate patterns on the macarons, and the steam rising from your teacup – all these elements are a foodstagrammer’s dream. Snap away, and let the world see the delectable journey you’re indulging in.

Sharing Joy, One Post at a Time

Beyond the aesthetics, there’s a joy in sharing the experience with your online community. Your post might inspire a friend to plan their own brunch escapade or introduce someone to the wonders of tea beyond the ordinary cup. It’s not just about posting; it’s about inviting others to partake in the soothing delight you’ve uncovered.


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Q1: Can I make reservations for a larger group?

Absolutely! While the brunch experience at Prince Tea House is perfect for an intimate gathering, they can accommodate larger groups as well. Just be sure to mention the number of guests when making your reservation.



Q2: Is there a time limit for the brunch experience?

While there isn’t a strict time limit, Prince Tea House encourages guests to savor the experience at a leisurely pace. The ambiance is designed for relaxation, allowing you to enjoy every moment of your brunch escape.

Q3: Are children welcome?

Absolutely! Prince Tea House welcomes guests of all ages. It’s an opportunity to introduce young ones to the art of tea and the joys of an elegant culinary experience.

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